Booktrib's Bites: Four Diverse Reads


(NewsUSA) - OrbemOrbem by Scott V. Adrian

In this Sci-Fi/Portal fantasy, Dr. Graeme Milford, a 32-year=old technologist and Japanese sword-fighting enthusiast, invents personal wormhole transportation at a secret research facility in Scotland full of scientific wonders using a laser that can cut through reality. His success turns into a nightmare as the unstoppable power-hungry tech CEO of ‘Foresight’ forces him and three of his new colleagues to run for their lives or risk being purged.

Using Graeme’s device, they flee to the only place Graeme can think of: Orbem, another universe full of fantasy. Elves, Fairies, Caninth (wolf humanoids), Harilizards (lizard humanoids) and a dark Sorcerer meet our scientists as they try to survive in hopes of discovering a way to return home and defeat the CEO. Purchase at

MarionetteMarionette by Allen Vartanian

The esteemed Armenian-American poet and popularly recognized on Instagram as 'cdlv' releases this highly anticipated poetry collection, a profound exploration of universal experiences. The compelling narratives and stunning lyricism lead readers on a journey of self-reflection, challenging them to reconsider their personal narratives and the power they hold over them. The work brilliantly delves deep into the themes of connection, manipulation, self-love, and autonomy.

Each piece holds a mirror to society, challenging us to consider who pulls our strings and how we can gain control of our own narratives. The work is an exploration of emotions, connection, and the intricate dance of relationships. The collection is available in online book retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as from independent bookstores. Learn more at

mass insanityMass Insanity by Theo Alistair

Regarded as one of the most important scientific yet accessible works of the decade, Mass Insanity explores the subjects of insane communities, the clash of identities, and how societies indoctrinate their members and shape their way of thinking.

Why do millions of supposedly sane people endorse insane ideas? Can a society that includes millions of people lose its mind and how? Why would a community lose the will to defend itself against an enemy seeking its demise? The author uses theories of social, clinical and forensic psychology to analyze the totalitarian psyche. He also discusses the decay of Western civilization and the arising psychological difficulties. Purchase at

BucknollThe Bucknoll Cottage Chronicles by Mary Lowengard

“Sex and the City” meets “Under the Tuscan Sun” -- but no sex, no city and in the Poconos. A wild ride following the author’s journey that begins with her impulse purchase of a little more of a country house (aka cottage) than she really needed.

 In for the penny, in for the pound, she relays her tales of fixing it up and entertaining house guests, in addition to battling bugs, supporting the local economy (rodeo, anyone?), and dealing with the vicissitudes of weather, storage, gardening, yoga, installing an illegal clothesline and more.

This book will give readers a greater appreciation for the joys and challenges of country living. What else is in it for you? A cautionary tale, a good story and a hearty laugh. Purchase at